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~~Stoonad, Italian for Stupid~~ Trailer w/ Gene Snitsky Stoonad Audition - "Super Bowl Ring"
Watch the Trailer and submit your one minute audition!!!

Make a funny character and give us your best stuff.

NO background music and make sure you light the room well.

Email your audition (no links please) and contact information to:


Good Luck!
Vote for the cast members you like at www.youtube.com/mafiamobcom

Stoonad Audition "We Bury Them in the Back" Stoonad Audition "Pink Caddy"
Vote for your favorite mobster at www.youtube.com/mafiamobcom Vote for your favorite STOONAD at www.youtube.com/mafiamobcom
Stoonad Audition "2 by 4" Stoonad Audition "PATTY PLENTY"
Vote for the STOONAD cast at www.youtube.com/mafiamobcom Like her on our youtube.com channel to get her on the show!
Stoonad Audition "The Driver" Stoonad Audition "Mafia Biacoh"
She is mean! Mobster or Stoonad? "Like" your favorites at our Youtbe.com Channel!

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